What This Gorilla Did When A Child Fell Into Its Enclosure, Will Touch You!

When we see a huge animal in a cage, we always think that it is dangerous and if we ever get closer to him, it will surely attack us. Even though this is true, there are others that are gentle and calm. In the clip below, you will have the opportunity of meeting Jambo, a Lowland Silverback gorilla. The clip was filmed in a Jersey Zoo back in 1986, when Levan Merritt, a little kid of 5 years accidentally fell into Jambo’s cage. What this Silverback gorilla did made him become very popular in the news and newspapers.

It all started when a family from the UK was on a visit at the zoo. They happened to visit the gorilla’s enclosure because he attracted their attention. But when they were at the place, they found that all the gorillas were situated just beneath the wall that enclosed them. For Levan to see them, his father had to lift him up to the wall so that he can have a look at them. While at the wall, Levan fell inside into the gorillas’ enclosure. All the people present looked in panic as a mother gorilla and her young one approached the little kid. That’s when Jambo quickly followed them and protected Levan from the other gorillas touching him.

At first, people thought that Jambo was hurrying to go and hurt the kid but when they saw that he actually was protecting the kid from other gorillas, they were very much amazed. Later the Zoo workers arrived and took the kid and handed him over to his parents.

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