What This Guy Does For The Sake Of Love Will Surely Surprise You. This Is Really Touching!

This clip shows a boy who really loved a certain lady and he had to do everything he could to win her heart. He was just an ordinary boy who used to sell newspapers for a living. This boy used to record his daily earnings to see what he could generate at the end of the month. At times, he would just deliver newspapers to the customers he valued without asking for a pay. What a generous boy he was!

One day, this boy sees a sales lady who admires her so much. He was disturbed about the lady’s sobbing since he discovered that something was really wrong with this lady. She had lost someone who meant a lot in her life. He decides to take a challenge to prove how he really loved her. I am sure this is love; the boy wins a very tough challenge. He takes his present to the lovely girl and gives it to her. The boy’s hearing was impaired. The cutest part comes in when this boy buys a hearing aid and tells the lady not to cry.

What a sacrifice for someone you love!

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