What This Puppy Does To The Cat Made Me Laugh… So Funny!

It’s always heartwarming when your two pets turn out to be good friends. You even feel more relieved when the friendship is between your kitty and puppy.

Within this video, Solomon, a new puppy is brought home by his owner. When he did that, he never knew how Watson, his older cat will react when he sees the dog around. At first, Watson was never comfortable having the huge, goofy dog follow him all over the house. It was after some time that Watson got used to see Solomon around.

This far, we are not new to the amazing things Samoyeds are capable of. There have been cases in which they have tried to wake their human friends in a gentle manner and in some cases, they have welcomed the idea of having friends from other animal species.

Cats love it when their privacy is not interfered with. That’s a complete opposite of Samoyeds who are known to be high-energy animals, personable and extremely playful. With that in mind, it’s understandable why Solomon and Watson were complete opposites. But that was short-lived since Solomon had enough in his locker to command some tolerance from Watson 11 months down the line.

Watching the way the two relate is enough to let you know friendship does not have boundaries. Please SHARE this amazing clip on Facebook with your friends and family!


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