What Was This Strange Liquid She Put The Coffee Mug Into? The End Result? UNBELIEVABLE!

Not much was expected when an old coffee mug was grabbed by this crafty woman. But what she came up with was out of this world. So impressive!

With this idea, customizing the ever boring coffee mugs is possible. Taking into consideration the amount that’s spent on coffee, we are able to save on money and yet be in a position to take the java addiction.

When we came across something that will make you save your cash, we went further and found the amount you’re capable of saving. As revealed by Consumerist.com, $1,100 is spent by any typical American annually. Though you may consider it to be minimal, it will make sense once we do the math.

For those who purchase a cup of coffee daily, around $20 is spent weekly. In a month it will be $80 and a total of $960 being spent in a year. Given that there are those days when you opt for a much superior brand, $1,100 as an annual expenditure will be reached. I hope this finally makes sense.

We liked this tutorial and felt it’s worthy to bring it to your attention. Did it make you notice something?

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