What Welcomed Them While In The Water Left Them Scared… What A Surprise!

The Anderson Island is the Puget Sound’s southernmost island that’s located within the Washington State. Most of the people who like getting on shore do it by taking a ferry from Steilacoom. So, it was surprising when guys who are featured in this clip decided to do so using a small rowboat – and they were fortunate enough to do it. I don’t know whether they are expecting what they came across while getting to their destination. Though many will love experiencing what they encountered, it requires guts to do whatever they did.

Whale watching is a really amazing thing to do – I have tried it before, but I never had the chance of experiencing what these folks went through. I think they must have been so lucky to have such an experience. I thought this was freaking dangerous, but they kept having a go at it irrespective how dangerous it kept getting.

Have you ever experienced something like this in your lifetime? How will you react if you ever found yourself in a similar situation? You can have your say in the comments below for us to know what you think about their adventure.

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