What Will You Do If A Friend Did Such An Evil Thing To You?

I like joking with my friends while around them, but there are some things if a friend did to me, I will struggle to forgive him or her. Take for instance what this owl within this video does to his friend.

The two friends are sited on a rooftop enjoying themselves. The one on the left is innocent and does not know that his friend has a dirt plan in mind. When he thinks the right time for carrying out his plan is due, he lifts his burn and does the unexpected… Oh My!

This reminds me of the owl who could fly down and land on a visiting human. Though owls are known as creatures who love doing crazy things, what the owl in this clip does beats them all! He knew what he was doing is wrong and after doing it he runs away so as his friend does not have the time for retaliating. This is the first time I’m coming across such a hilarious behavior from these creatures.

I liked the victim of the vicious plan. As opposed to reacting immediately to the wrong done to him, he is calm. I believe for now all he is thinking about is washing his feet as he looks forward to getting his revenge sometimes later.

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