When A Blind Man Starts To Sing, Everything Turns Emotional – Have A Look!

Before turning 5, Vernon Barnard underwent 16 surgeries to fix his glaucoma diagnosis. He lost his sight reasonably early, thanks to the fact that he was born with glaucoma.

However, he did not allow his hardships and disabilities to put him down. Vernon determined to live to his full potential. Decided to sing and audition for The Voice: South Africa.  He had no idea how much he would awe the judges considering it was his first audition. As a matter of fact, he stole the heart of one particular judge.

He did a rendition of “Story of My Life” by One Direction. His powerful voice impressed the judges even before they turned around to see him. Bobby van Jaarvsveld spins his chair and comes face to face with Vernon. He feels a strong connection to the blind man, and he breaks down in tears. He is touched by the strength and determination displayed by Vernon. What makes the whole scenario emotional is the fact that Vernon’s parents are watching all the action from the sidelines.

The video does not show Bobby begging Vernon to join his team. He begs while on his knees. The good news is that Vernon accepts, and the competition goes on.

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