When Asked How Her Pregnant Mother Walks, She Imitates By… So Hilarious!

If you have never known, babies are the loveliest thing that you can have in your life, and if you doubt that, just ask the parents. What I like with the babies is that they will just imitate what you do as part for learning. This is the reason as to why we should be very selective when doing anything in front of the kids as they will surely imitate you.

In the clip below, you will laugh at what this little baby does. When her mother was six months pregnant with another child; the second one after her, the little kid used to be very attentive in all that her mother was doing. One of the things she noted clearly and that caught her attention was the way her mother walked when pregnant.

Her mother used to lean backwards and walk in a slow manner, just like the way all expectant mothers walk. Actually this posture is to bring about balance and stability when walking. But for the little girl of one and three months old, it seemed like a new walking style in town.

One day when she was asked how her mother walks, she proudly imitated her in the funniest way. You need to watch this to see how the kid is doing it.

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