When Asked To Take Wedding Vows At The Wedding, He Does This Instead… I Can’t Help Laughing!

I am sure that all girls out there dream of doing a wedding one day. Others have already planned how the wedding would look like, the only thing lacking is a bride groom to make the dream come true.

In short, all can be planned as you wish from the wedding dress to the invitations, but the partner to wed with is the big issue.

In the video below, we meet Jared Basham, a groom who thinks that the marriage vows are not his taste. He made his mind to recall the days when he used to date with Kyndra, his bride.

He remembers when Kyndra was sent on a mission by the Air Force. During that time, she used to laugh a lot from the funny versions that Basham could sing some of the pop hits. So he decided to do something of the sort on the wedding day.

Watch the following video to see what he does on this big day when the vowing session comes. I assure you that you will laugh yourself out!

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