When Doctors Pronounced One Of Her Twins Dead, The Mother Did This… So Breathtaking!

Sometimes, you have to believe there exist some supernatural powers, though you might not be a believer of miracles. I was full of emotions and chills when I watched this video. When it comes to the end, you will never doubt the existence of miracles.

A newborn is a blessing and when they are twins, you feel more blessed. That is exactly what David and Kate were feeling when they were told that they were going to have twins. Their excitement was cut short when the doctor revealed to them that there were no chances of their son surviving.

You see, the twins were victims of a premature pregnancy since they had been born when Kate was only 6 and half months pregnant. The doctor’s news meant that it’s only their daughter who could survive. Though that’s how the doctors and the nurses felt, the couple felt completely different about it. They never lost hope on their son and kept holding onto him with the nurses’ discouragements falling on deaf ears!

After some time, they saw the little boy make some movements. The power behind a mother’s touch had done the miracle. This happening left the highly experienced doctors in awe and had no explanation to support it.

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