When Elvis Presley Went On Stage And Laughed And Laughed And Laughed. Rib-Cracking!

You most probably have heard or even listened to songs by Elvis Presley. This guy rocked the 60s and 70s. He was a gifted singer who always had a crowd waiting for his great concerts. Well, as with most smart people, Elvis had a rather funny side too!

Here’s a recording of one of his performances in 1969. In April of that year, he inked a deal to do a concert at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. It was a huge success, so he got scheduled to get back there in August. The crowd was already sold out. Everyone loved Elvis Presley. He went ahead to perform in 58 ready shows, ultimately breaking all the attendance records ever set in Las Vegas. Great!

As a smart guy who loved having fun with his fans, Elvis could sometimes tweak the lyrics to his songs to come off as funny, and this always had the crowd all wild and excited. On this occasion, he was singing “Do You Feel Lonesome Tonight.” At one point, he decided to change the lyrics, and it turned out so funny that not even himself could hold back a loud laugh. The guy laughed so hard till he couldn’t finish his song. This is hilarious!

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