When Football Players Heard Of Kids Being Bullied, They Had To Do This… Perfect!

If you ever ask most people who have made it in life, they will tell you that they went through a lot before succeeding. One such person is Chris Kuykendall whose age is16 years. When he was a kid, he was a cheap target for bullies, and the worst thing is that he never reported the mistreatment to his parents. Even though this came to an end when he grew up, the memories are still bitter to him. When a report reached him that a small kid of five years had been bullied, he knew that he had to act quickly to stop that.

While reporting to Meredith Vieira, Chris told he that the information touched him, as it reminded him of the gone days when he used to be bullied, and that made him want to end the bullying at that very same moment so that the 5 year kid would never wake up the next day with no motivation of going to school because he was going to be bullied. To end this, Chris took the kid for lunch, so that the bullies would realize that the bullied was a famous kid. This action proved to be fruitful and made a friend of Chris by the name of Brevin Young to do the same to another kid who was suffering from bullying.

And this is how the Eagle Buddies, was started by Chris and Brevin. The function of this group of mature athletes is to see that the bullied kids regain their confidence and receive the protection they are entitled to.

Watch the clip below to see how these the athletes are putting efforts to stop the bullying. Please SHARE this to all your friends on Facebook so as to help stop bullying!

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