When He Delivered His Graduation Speech, He Revealed One Sad Aspect Of His Life

Nobody anticipated Griffin Furlong’s speech would take a different turn. Griffin began his speech with statistics and accomplishment of his graduating class. He threw in a few self-depreciation jokes and promised to deliver a not-so –boring Valedictorian speech.

Griffin mentioned his accomplishments, and he revealed something heartbreaking; he was homeless for 12 years.

Griffin’s life story will move you to tears. His mother died when he was 6. His father, brother, and Griffin faced hardships. The three spent the nights in hotels and shelters. They endured hunger pangs.

However, Griffin did not give up. Depending on where they were staying, he took a different route to school. Griffin wanted $20,000 to clear his accommodation and tuition fees. He got grants, scholarships and help from well-wishers, thanks to a GoFundMe page, helped him clear his debts. Through the GoFundMe, Griffin raised $90,000 in two weeks.

As Griffin concluded, he had a valuable piece of advice for his classmates. He told them to live with a purpose; it’s amazing how much purpose and ambition can do to your life.

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