When He Sees His Newly Born Brother Screaming, The Older Brother Does This… OMG!

What can be the reaction when a little kid is introduced to a baby for the very first time? In the clip below, we will be seeing how a little boy reacted when he had the opportunity to hold a new baby in his arms. When the mother came home from the hospital with the new born baby, she decided to see how his older brother would react.

It is a fact that newly born babies look to be fragile and very soft in that we even fear touching them, leave alone carrying them. And it is a common thing for the babies to cry a lot because they are introduced to a new environment which they were not used to before coming into the world.

In the clip, we see as this little boy sat on a chair waiting to meet his little brother. When he was finally given to hold him in his arms, all was going perfect and his mother was motivating him for the holding his brother.

But when he was thinking he made it, the toddler gave out a scream and the bigger bother had to… watch the clip below to see what his reaction was. Please SHARE this funny clip to all your friends and family on Facebook!

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