When Inka Gold Takes On This Decades Old Hit, You Won’t Help It!

What do you know about 1965? If you ask me, I’ll talk about the Righteous Brothers – those cool guys who produced hits. One of their hits, “Unchained Melody,” has always been my all-time favorite!

Now, think about the modern times, and then think about just how cool such a song can sound if “brought back in time,” and given a dose of some American Nativity? Sounds great? YES!

That’s why what’s happening in this great clip right here is going to steal your heart in a really nice way. So here’s Inka Gold, and he’s all set to afford some native dimension to this great hit. As much as we all love the original version by the Righteous Brothers, this one is a whole new thing. You can’t resist the emotion!

After this, you can be sure to replay this video a few more times. I did that too. It’s rare to get a nice opportunity to listen to a perfect hit with some Native American taste. You can’t walk away from this. Watch and replay, then go ahead and SHARE this on your Facebook wall. Your friends will love you from this!

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