When It Comes To Appealing Music Visualizations, This Guy Is Definitely Tops. See What He Came Up With!

Imagine listening to a musical beat and then seeing colors associated with every tone. That might sound crazy, but one Nigel John Stanford knows it’s possible. It’s called cymatics.

Now, this guy, from New Zealand, is a musician, and he’s good at playing a good number of musical instruments – from drum sets to pianos.

If you know anything about Synesthesia, then you know that it’s a condition that affects the brain’s visual and audio functions, such that a person can associate some sounds with certain visual elements or colors. Although Nigel doesn’t have this disorder, he admits that he has always imagined some audio-visuals of his own. That’s how much the idea intrigued this man until he decided to do something about it. He developed his own system for matching visuals with distinctive sounds. Wow!

You get to watch his creation in this video, and you’ll agree that this man has come up with something incredible. He named it ‘Cymatics,’ and for a nice reason. Watch it and feel the effect. You’ll want to SHARE!


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