When It Comes To Learning, Don’t Take Anything For Granted – Here Is The Reason!

They are several things that we learn in our learning institutions which at times seem not to be beneficial in short run, but in long run, they are- they can form a platform for our career. An evident and well inciting example is Caleb Francis’ case. Let’s see how this happened.

Caleb Francis, an 18-year-old was working in Ohio Taco Bell on the cash register. At that moment, a customer came into the front line and looked confused. Caleb quickly learnt that the customer was deaf- what a challenge to the restaurant! But for Caleb, it was a walk in the park- why?

For Caleb, during his high school learning sessions, he did learn American Sign Language for two solid years. As such, Caleb had the skills that he would use and communicate effectively with the new customer.

Immediately, Caleb walked closer to the customer, and using his skills, he requested to know what the client required- a side of cream and another of salsa. Caleb orders the customer’s request for him. Besides, it at this point, that another customer who was just behind was touched by the kindness act and as a result took a video which later went viral- for less than two days, the video had 200 shares.

Following the impact of the video on media, Taco Bell has continued receiving more deaf customers who find it convenient to order their meals through Caleb’s help.

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