When Santa Starts Communicating With A Hearing-Impaired Little Girl, Everyone Is Stunned!

There has been debates for a long time, if Santa really exists. This has made me have a 50% acceptance and a 50% denial of the existence. But if you meet the small girl in the following clip and ask her if she believes in Santa, her response will amaze you since she is a living witness, as Santa heard her wish.

It all started when the little girl and her mother visited the Cleveland Center Shopping mall, which is a normal thing for the children to do. While inside the mall, the little girl went straight to Santa who was there and into climb into his arms. Upon her mother seeing this, she had to tell Santa that her daughter had problems in talking and hearing. Amazingly, Santa knew how to communicate using signs, so he made the little girl happy when they communicated together. Although I don’t really know what the conversation was really about, the two seemed to understand each other well, a thing that her mom was happy of.

Watch the clip below to see the sign conversation between the girl and the Santa. Please SHARE this amazing story to all your friends on Facebook!

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