When She Did This, She Instantly Became The True Godmother Of Rock And Roll. Just Watch Her!

Someone started something in the 1960s, and we’re now listening to the rock and roll music.

When you talk about this kind of music, it’s hard not to mention one Rosetta Tharpe, also known as the grandmother of rock and roll music – and not without a good reason.

One chilly morning in Britain, this lady went to a secluded train station and did something that inspired the whole generation into writing and singing this music. Rosetta combined the rock and roll music with gospel music and linked the two categories in a great way. The two types of music would then evolve into the various music styles of today.

However, when she went to the US, some hotels didn’t allow her and her band to perform for them because of issues of segregation, given that this great star was of African-American origin. But they never broke her spirit.

In this clip, you get to know why this cool lady is rightly crowned the Godmother of rock and roll, and you won’t dispute it. She was so skilled that she could engage virtually any audience through her great vocals.

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