When She Learns That She Is A Grandmother, She Does this… So Amazing!

It was a Sunday just like the others and Eva was at her home in Franklin, IN, when she heard a knock at her door. Upon opening it, she was surprised to see her son who was accompanied by his wife. When they joined the Air Force in 2008, Miranda and Donny relocated to Hawaii

For all this time, Eva never knew that Miranda and Donny had recently adopted a baby girl and she was a grandmother. Melissa Faith (Lily) is the name of the little girl that was adopted in October 2015. It was a surprise for Eva to see her granddaughter on that day for the first time. Reporting to WTHR News, Miranda said that she and her husband never wanted anyone from their family to know because of very many reasons. She continued saying that when they had Lily officially as their daughter, they decided to bring her in person and not to relay the information through the phone.

It was after 10 days of adoption when this couple surprised Eva by taking Lily to her. Watch the clip below to see her reaction upon knowing that she was a grandmother. Please SHARE the clip to all your friends on Facebook!

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