When Steve Asked The Awkward Question, He Did Not Expect THIS Response. GENIUS!

Steve Harvey is a celebrated television host. Steve is known for his hearty laughter that warms the hearts of his audience.

Steve is known to ask awkward questions too. Since Steve began hosting the Family Feud Show, his audience has seen Steve ask weird questions and receive equally weird answers.

The bubbly presenter had a “tricky question’ for his audience in one of the show episodes. Steve asked 100 men a question that would land the men into serious trouble later.

“What part of your wife is bigger than it should be?’’ was the question.

One of the contestants took time and considered his options before answering. He did not wish to infuriate his wife who was staring at him.

The clever man chooses not to talk about his wife’s physical appearance.

“Her heart” the man answered. His genius answer moved Steve Harvey, and he wrapped the man in a brotherly hug.

Watch the hilarious response from the man in the video below. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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