When Strangers Translate A Racist Message, Things Turn Beautiful. Must See!

Racism is doomed to end, and for all good reasons!

It’s in Lithuania, and a team of experts undertake a social experiment touching on this thorny issue of racism. They come up with a very brilliant idea. They need to throw in a few cards to spice up the mix!

They get this one guy, who is part of the experimenting team by the way, to pose as an immigrant who just received a racist message on Facebook. He targets ten people, who are called in for a casting interview, only for them to be tasked with this good deed of translating that message! Of course most of them had an awkward moment!

But the team wants to see just how people would react to such a situation, and you have to watch this clip and decide that the answer is very evident in everyone’s eyes as they make the translation. So touching!

In the end, you have to agree that the majority of us are strongly against racism, because we know that even the simplest thing can bring us all together.

Whenever we treat each with respect and love, we advance our whole human race! It’s up to each and everyone to act!

Watch the heart-warming video and SHARE. Down with racism!

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