When The Baby Fell Into Swimming Pool I Feared The Worst, But Then…

The clip you are about to watch is of a baby floating peacefully on her back while at the swimming pool. She splashes the water in a cool manner but when you come to think of it, she is in a dangerous situation.

We as parents, we ought to educate our children on water safety because we can’t always be there to take care of them when they are in water.

At the beginning of the clip, we see the little girl sitting at some place in the swimming pool and nearby her are some people teasing her with a plastic sandal. She gets out to reach the sandal which makes her to fall in the pool with her face first. No one goes out to help her maybe because they know of her swimming skills. Sher pats in the water for a short time then turns on her back.

While on her back, she starts to float by patting her feet and hands in a cool manner, like a person enjoying what she is doing. Even though it is dangerous, she must be acquiring skills of how to save herself if she is found in a sinking situation.

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