When They Began Dancing, Everyone Stopped Dead In Their Tracks. MIND-BLOWING!

‘The Shag’ is a unique dance from the 1950s. The couple’s dance originated from Carolina and is a popular dance in the present day.

A couple, Jackie, and Charlie are the modern ‘Fred and Ginger” when it comes to this classical dance. Their fancy footwork and well-coordinated is known to paralyze the crowd.

‘Shag’ is not very popular outside South Carolina but the two are celebrated dancers in Palmetto.

The couple danced to a crowd on July 13, 2013. Watch the video below, and you will understand why everyone admires the couple. Additionally, the two are regular dancers at the Shaggers Hall of Fame and have won several awards.

The dance is complicated, but the couple makes it appear super easy. Based on the comments from social media users, it is thrilling to watch the couple move to the beat.

Watch the footage and share your thoughts. Would you try the dance? What style did you like most about the performance?

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