When They Spotted A Barefoot Homeless Man, They Did This… What A Heart!

This is one of those moments that restores my faith in humanity. It features firefighters who decided to do something that has gone viral while on their way from training.  Firefighters from Riverside Fire Department in California spotted an elderly homeless man walking down a busy highway while stumbling. When they looked closer, they discovered that the man was walking barefoot.

That is when firefighters Capt. Rob Gabler and David Gilstrap stopped their fire-truck and approached the man. Gilstrap had carried his sneakers and a water bottle as they went after the homeless man. He stopped him and helped him put on the shoes and gave him some water to drink. Later, the selfless act was shared on Facebook by The Riverside Fire Department.

By watching the clip below, you will see why many people have come forward to praise the act of these incredible men. This is one of those stories that reminds us that with the little we have, we can touch the world around us in a big way.

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