When This Gas Station Clerk Noted Something Strange, He Did Something That Saved The Day!

A doctor from a night shift schedule was saved from being kidnapped by a Philadelphia Exxon gas station clerk by the name of Manveer Komer. When a man and a woman came to the gas station, Komer noticed that something was not right with them.

While at the station, the first thing they attempted to do is to cash money from a nearby ATM but they were not successful. They then entered the store so that the man who was the abductor could buy some cigarettes.

While reporting to Philli.com, Komer said that he noted the woman to be afraid of something in that she was tense and trembling.

The clerk’s instincts turned out to be true as the abductor who was aged 40 years had carjacked the 28 year old lady and was putting pressure on her to take money out from the ATM.

Komer told the lady to remain inside the store as he went outside to have an encounter with the criminal. The whole encounter was filmed by the security camera.

When the criminal got a chance, he jumped into the car and sped off. Luckily, he was caught by the police because he used the lady’s phone which helped the authority to track him down.

Speaking to Philly.com, Komer of 25 years said that his safety was not an issue, and what made him react like that was the safety of the clients.

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