When This Guy Gets A Guitar And Starts This, You’ll Not Notice When You Begin Applauding Him!

Adam Levine did something incredible back in 2014, and the video has now been released. It all started when they invited this talented singer to the 6oth birthday party for Howard Stern. What they had no idea of is that this man would end up stealing the stage and audience’s heart with his lovely rendition of “Purple Rain.”

Most people would have sworn that Adam was a great vocalist, but they had not the slightest idea of what he could also do with a guitar! You’ll agree that getting around to playing that song is tad bit tricky to anyone, but Adam isn’t the guy to be put down by anything while doing the one thing he loves the most. His performance on this occasion is just on point, and there’s no problem or doubts in agreeing on that. You just need to see it for yourself!

Now, after Prince passed away on 21st of April 2016, the “Howard Stern Show” decided to release the video as a tribute to him. Watch it here and get your good heart stolen tonight. You might want to drop us a comment about it also SHARE the video on Facebook.

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