When This Homeless Man Is Approached By A Stranger, I Never Expected This… Incredible!

This is one of those moments that restores faith in humanity. Watching it left me touched.

The video features one homeless man who was approached by a stranger while traveling in a subway train. Luckily, another passenger saw everything and decided to record it and post online. The homeless man was sitting quietly without a shirt when the complete stranger approached him and offered him his T-shirt. It was one of those freezing days during winter and you can see how he kindheartedly slips the shirt over the man’s arms in the video below.

From the time this video was posted online, it has touched the hearts of many and in 24 hours it received around 100,000 shares. This video reminds us that we don’t have to do big things to touch those who need our help – just a simple act is enough to touch the world we live in. It can be seen that the man does it generously and he is not even aware that someone in the train is recording him.

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