When This Little Boy Came Across His Father’s Razor, He Did Something Unbelievable…

Little kids learn things by imitating what older people do. Actually, this is termed to be curiosity, and in the clip below, we will be seeing what one kid did when he laid his hands on his father’s razor. He went ahead and shaved the front part of his head. When the dad got him, he made him to apologize before a recording camera which resulted to be funny.

With a half of his hair shaven, the little kid puts on a guilty face when facing the camera. When the father asked him what he had to say, the little boy responds that he will never touch the father’s razor.

After apologizing, the father went ahead to tell him to make a full turn before the camera, a thing that the little boy is not willing to do. He turns a little but his father insists that he makes a full turn of which he obeys reluctantly. And when daddy tells him to say “I am sorry,” the kid responds in a funny manner by saying “I sorry.”

Watch the clip below to see how funny the little kid looks with his head shaven a half. Please SHARE the clip to your friends on Facebook!

Source: Little Boy Gives Himself A Hilarious Haircut by AFV on Rumble

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