When You Hear About Child Marriage, Put This At The Back Of Your Mind!

If you happen to take a look at the wedding of Lilly and John, you will realize that it is as amazing as the others that we have seen. It was filled with decorations and the families of both sides were present to witness the ceremony. But the reality is that Lilly is aged 11 years old. It is estimated that about 15 million underage girls are married yearly. For this reason, UNICEF and Bridal Musings have come together to release this clip to demonstrate the terrors of child marriage. Generally, the underage girls are seen to be more of a property than humans.

Bridal Musings and UNICEF reveal that most of the girls who get married while they are still children are those who are stopped from going to school and are likely to undergo domestic violence together with being likely to contract HIV/AIDS. They give birth to kids while they are still kids. This can trigger death easily as they will be prone to complications while pregnant or when giving birth.

In the clip below, John of 53 years marries Lilly of 11 years. Lilly’s family collaborates in this marriage which is not supposed to be. They even dent say a word or even try to stop it from taking place.

This clip was produced to create awareness to every one of the child marriage. Please SHARE with all your family and friends on Facebook so as to help end child marriage!


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