When You Listen To This Barber Advising A Worried Man, Your Ribs Will Break. OMG!

Hee Haw was a popular American show running from 1960 to 1971.The comical show has had several reruns years later.  The program featured comedy and country music with “Kornfield County” as the fictional setting. The hilarious and well- renown actors Roy Clark and Buck Owens hosted the program.

The video below contains one of the famous episodes of the show. Roy visits his barber Archie, and they start talking about their kids. Roy tells Archie that his children will not listen to his bedtime stories. Well, Archie the barber has a genius solution to Rob’s problem.

Archie suggests that Rob should read the names of the characters backwards.  He even goes ahead and narrates the story to Rob. We sure hope the trick works and the children will enjoy the stories.

Watch the hilarious clip and let us know what you think.  We hope it made you laugh and let us know what advice you could have given him if you were the barber.

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