When You Watch This, You Will Never Cook Bacon The Old Way Again!

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like the taste of bacon. Many of us consider it to be the best morning treat to have in breakfast. However, bacon is not that easy to prepare. Here is a tip I bet you didn’t  know before about cooking bacon, which will make you love it even more!

This video was made by America’s Test Kitchen to share with you a simple trick that will help you cook bacon like a master chef. You only need to pour water over bacon so that you can keep the initial cooking temperature low. Then increase the heat a little bit higher when the water reaches its boiling point. After that turn the heat back to a lower level and leave it until the bacon becomes plump and crisp. That is a pretty cool hack, don’t you think so? I can’t wait to try this one at home. Have you ever tried this trick before?

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