While Dancing With Her Daughter, The Groom Does This, I Can’t Help Shedding Tears!

If you ever ask anyone who has done a wedding, she will tell you that this is the most memorable time in her life, as she gets to dance with her father one final dance before she is handed over to her new husband.

The song and dance are left for the groom and the dad to choose. There are those who decide to dance in a very quick manner while others prefer to dance slowly so that they can honor their last dance together and cherish the moment

When Kelly was getting married, her father and her felt that the occasion was not complete because her mother had died a years ago due to lung cancer.

The father was happy to see his daughter getting married but he really missed the company of his dear wife.

While emotionally carried away, he heard the husband to be of his daughter start to sing. This shocked him a lot as he never had thought that the son in law could sing “Your Daddy’s Boots.” This made him practically cry before everyone present in the occasion!

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