While Driving, They Spotted Something Insane Hanging From The Power Lines

Have you ever bumped into something so surprising that it makes you stagger? Well, I think these guys had that kind of moment when they saw this.  Something happened in Vale of Temple, Greece, and it’s nothing like you would expect. I can’t believe this!

We all know that goats are generally very persistent creatures. A goat will want and actually do whatever is necessary to reach and grab a high-hanging branch on a tree. It’s like these cute animals derive some pleasure off reaching out for things. So here’s a goat, and the poor animal was trying to pluck some olives from a branch, but this time, things went south. Its horns got caught up between some electric wires and it hanged there. Luckily, the wires weren’t live, so our good friend still lived on to tell the tale.

The guys driving around saw the incident and filmed it. One guy sought help from the guys at Water and Sewerage Company who came over and set the animal free from the entanglement. That’s cool!

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