While Out Skydiving, Blind Mom Had A Strange Feeling And Started Seeing Again

Josie Paille had a vein occlusion when she was 16. She lost sight in one of her eyes. Josie adjusted to her condition, and only a few people would tell she had a disability.

Several years later, the doctors told her the condition was slowly spreading to her good eye. The doctor told her she would go blind.

In the bid to cheer her dampened spirit, Josie’s brother, Peter, suggested they go for skydiving. It was one of the beautiful things she would see before losing her sight.

Josie was not up to the idea. Josie wanted to call their father before she would agree to the idea. When their father answered the phone, Josie agreed to the plan.

As the duo left the plane, Josie was sure she would die. She did not want to die without telling her children goodbye. She recorded her video skydiving.

When the instructor released her parachute, she felt calm. As she lands, Josie felt a certain pain. The instructor told her it was the air pressure escaping from her ear.

When Josie woke up the following day, she could see using both eyes. The doctor confirmed the blockage and bleeding had stopped. Doctors say the released air pressure may have helped, but Josie believes it was a miracle.

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