Who Ever Thought These Ice Skaters Would Impress The Crowd With Their Spectacular Dancing Routine?

There are some sports that are really nice to look at but very complicated to practice. One of such sport is ice skating that was actually meant for the chosen few.

The clip below highlights the Canadian team performing at the 2015 World Synchronized Skating Championship. From the time they stepped at the performance field and did a brief introduction, it was sure that something magical and thrilling would come out of them.

When the “Mud,” a song by Road Hummer was played, the team started their extraordinary performance, moving in harmony with no error at all. What an amazing routine that is done perfectly. The stunning thing about these Canadian team is that they were many in number and while that could have increased the chances of making errors on the ice stadium, not even a single one was noted!

To my opinion, this Canadian team had practiced tirelessly and with a lot of dedication to have attained this magnificent performance which earned them nothing but a Gold medal.

Watch the performance below and let us know what position you would have ranked them suppose you were a judge by commenting below!

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