Why Are They Yelling At Her? When I Found Out, I Dropped!

The United States Army is one of those institutions known for their unfailing efficiency. This efficiency doesn’t come from picking people randomly and lining them up for the job of expert. Of course not!

In the army, they have their own rules, and you can’t get the Expert Field Medical Badge without passing through some good physical and written tests! To show your determination, you must also make a final 12 mile march in 3 hours!

In the video, we have Sarah Cudd, a CPT, on the mile journey. As she approaches the last mark of her march and with the finish line just a few yards away, Sarah stumbles and falls, and others have to give her something to hold on to: great words of encouragement and motivation!

Then she does it. Sarah gets up and actually makes it to the finish line, and in time!

It’s not every day that we at Splentale come across a woman of such strength and willpower, and we commend her for it!

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