Why Should Husbands Help Their Wives At Home? Take A Look At This Commercial!

Most people still think that as a couple, there are specific responsibilities that each one of them needs to carry out. In the ad below, we meet a mother who is a full time worker, but does all to raise her son and keep the home organized while her spouse only sits to watch the TV. #ShareTheLoad is a commercial produced by BBDO Mumbai. The laundry detergent commercial was transformed into a touching message about the insincerity that exists between men and women.

The video features the lady’s father who becomes aware of how his deeds as a husband are well maintained at his daughter’s home upon being married and getting a family. This touches and makes him feel sorry for her daughter. He vows to change his behavior immediately in a positive manner.

The ad acts like an act of contrition to his wife and daughter, and to all the women from India. Generally, in India, women are known to own the kitchen and the laundry room. For this reason, #ShareTheLoad is doing everything to change that by motivating the husbands to help their wives with the household chores and enhancing gender equality.

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