Why Would Anyone Treat Another Like This? Heartbreaking!

You’re not angry until you get to see or hear of bullies who only target the disabled at schools. It’s just infuriating that they would pick on the weak and try to make their school life hard. However, sometimes their plans happen to backfire, and that’s what exactly happened when these bullies tried to hurt Alex.

Alex Hernandez hails from Omaha, Nebraska. He was a student at Burke High School. One day, something happened and changed his whole life. Some bullies stole his backpack and threw it in a toilet. Why they did it? Because Alex happens to be a deaf who, according to them, deserved to be bullied. That’s just sad!

As fate would have it for Alex, a camera footage showed just where his bag was taken. The image went viral and almost broke the internet, with people coming up in arms in the kid’s defense. He had lots of support. In fact, a GoFundMe account was opened ASAP to contribute finances to replace his backpack and all the lost belongings. That’s so sweet!

Although Alex’s mom decided to move him to another school, this serves to show that not everyone is as cold-hearted as the bullies. This should never have to happen to another kid. Please watch and SHARE on Facebook with all!

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