Why Would Someone Decide To Fake Disability – This One Really Hurts!

Traci was going shopping although she was feeling a little lazy. When she arrived at the parking garage, she noted that she had to park a little far from the entrance, something she knew she wasn’t going to do. So she decided to park somewhere else, yeah you guessed it, a parking space meant for people with disability.

She then proceeded to hop to one of the motorized wheel chairs, meant for use by disabled shoppers. She rode into the supermarket and proceeded to ask for help from fellow able-bodied shoppers. They willfully obliged and handed her items from the shelves. All that time, they did so because they all believed she was indeed disabled.

That was until one of the shoppers discovered the shocking truth. After she had just helped her get an item from the shelf, Traci thought she was done with her, and just when the shopper was looking away, she hoped off the wheelchair to get an item. The other shopper caught her just as she was getting back on the scooter.

Such acts of deception not only hurt those who you deceive, but even those who truly deserve help. It’s cruel to take parking spots and amenities such as motorized wheelchairs meant for the disabled

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