Wife Dances With Her Disabled Husband For The First Time In Two Years. What A Lovely Sight!

If you never believe in love at first sight, then the following clip will make you change your opinion.

The clip below is a love story at the first sight. Lauren Jackson and Joel started dating from the time when they used to study together at high school. But as life is, they had to part ways because they attended different colleges. All the time they were apart, the fire inside Lauren over Joel never stopped burning. On her blog, she wrote that Joel never knew that she had a crush on him, but as for her she always had a feeling that they were meant to be together.

As life is full of surprises, good and bad ones, Joel was involved in a car accident in December of 2009, which threw him more than 50 yards from his car. Upon being taken to the hospital, they realized that his head had gotten dislocated internally from the body. He was forced to undergo an operation which was successful but doctors said that he will never be able to walk and will always be using a wheel chair.

This never made Lauren to stop loving Joel. They renewed their love for each other in 2012 and after one year of dating, they got married in 2013. While on a physical therapy, the unexpected happened when Joel stood for the first time. When Lauren saw this, she grabbed the opportunity and danced with him.

She said that the moment was and will ever be memorable to her as it left her speechless.

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