Wife Honors Dead Husband And Moves The Crowd to Tears. SO EMOTIONAL!

Passengers at a jetliner in an airport in North Carolina were treated to a spectacular and emotional show. One of the women, Tara, onboard was escorted off the plane.

Lisa Williams, a passenger, sat by the window and had a bird’s eye view of the scene. Looking onto the tarmac, Lisa saw a coffin covered with an American being removed from the luggage section.

Automatically, Lisa knew Tara was the widow of the deceased soldier.  Tara placed her hand on the coffin and leaned her head against it. Tara’s loved ones joined it to console her.

Green Beret Shawn Thomas was 35 when he passed on. The couple had four kids. Reports say Shawn died in a road accident in Africa. Thomas was serving his eighth deployment in February 2017.

Lisa shared the video on Facebook. It has over 10 million views. According to Lisa, everyone around her was crying. Tara hopes people will understand and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices made by military men.

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