Wife Listens To Husband As He Sings A Love Song To Her. Seconds Later…I’m Crying Too!

The family of Erin seems to be taking “You’ll Never Know This,” a song by Engelbert Humperdinck that’s very exceptional. Before Howard went to fight in the World War II, Laura, her grandmother sang it to him. Since then, the song has become the family’s love song. Currently Howard is 92 years and Laura 93 years. As Laura lays at the hospital bed waiting for the time to die, Howard sings him the song. He sings it while caressing her from face to the neck, to sooth her.

To Erin, the wonderful moment was at 1:00, when Howard was through with the song. Laura tells Howard that he needs to know something that she has not told him.
Joy, a friend of Howard and Laura for quite a long time, said that after she watched the clip, she became sentimental, just as many others because in few minutes, the whole life of a couple is summarized. For 73 years, Laura and Howard have been married. They have matured and grown old together, meaning that there are plenty of memories that they share, one being the proof to the other that the reminiscences are existent.

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