Wife-To-Be Breaks Sheds Tears Of Joy On The Wedding Day When Haka Is Performed. A Must Watch!

What a lovely moment when you witness the bride walking down the aisle or when the dad and daughter break to a dance. This is a culture that we always want to see on this big day.

In the clip below, we see a wedding reception for Benjamin and Aaliyah, which is full of traditions that we are not used to witnessing.

Aaliyah is from an indigenous tribe called Māori which lives in New Zealand. This community is about 14% of New Zealand’s population, and it is proud of practicing and preserving their rich culture. One of their tradition is to perform the haka which was formerly used to incite the enemies during war time.

To do the haka, men would queue up and sing, scream, and twist their faces in a way that is terrifying. This would make the enemies to be frightened and give up the fight.

As time went by, the haka came to be a sign of respect in times of sorrow, marriage or special functions. This performance is meant to show their level of love and how proud they are to practice their culture. The best man of the groom organized for this performance secretly. When Aaliyah saw it, she burst out crying.

The most touching part was when the women decided to join the dance that was known to be a man’s performance. The groom too finally joined the dance which showed how deeply he was in traditional matters.

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