Wife To-Be Does A Photo-Shoot To Honor Her Dead Fiancé. So Moving!

Janine lost her fiancé by the name Johnny in 2014. This was exactly 2 months before they could get married. Distressed by the tragedy, she decided to keep the wedding dress. As a way of doing away with the sorrow, she did a photo-shoot that comprised of immersing her wedding dress in water in a fantasized world. The reason why she did this was to honor her lost fiancé and to free herself.

Matt, a photographer of Del Sol Photography, was the one assigned the job. His aim was to ensure the photo-shoot had a connection with the water which was to act as a purifier. On the shooting day, Janine looked uneasy. The wedding dress that was made from scratch, was heavy and she had no idea how to cope with it once inside the water.

Even though the shoot turned to be sentimental and painful, Janine said that it helped her feel alive and more of a woman, a thing she never felt since the death of Johnny. She confessed to Matt that she had a feeling that Johnny was staring and smiling at her from above, like saying that she was free to live her life as she wanted, but always recalling that he was there. She went on to tell Matt that all she wanted was to travel around the world and make friends who can converse with her, which she felt that was possible after the shoot.

When Matt was editing the photos, he found himself crying from the work that he had done and its effect. In a statement, he said that he was glad to have met and worked with Janine, and her words had motivated him a lot.

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