Wildlife Photographer Had To Capture This Rare But Natural Elephant. Watch!

We are so engrossed into being humans that sometimes we don’t really understand what goes in the wild. You see, as humans, we can afford to help ourselves with pain killers, medical care, ready food, shelter and such. Now, come to think of it, how does that compare to the life in the wild? Wild animals don’t have these privileges as us, but they still survive, don’t they?

Well, it’s human nature to love wild life and work to make their lives better. That’s why we put up parks and fight off poachers. We also love to watch and capture images of these animals in their natural habitat, which is exactly what this guy was doing when he stumbled into a scene that’s now breaking the internet!

Andrew Schoeman loves wildlife, and he prides in photographing. This time, he was with a group doing his usual rounds when they spotted a group of big elephants. Then they saw one of the elephants giving birth. He had to put this on film! You’ll love just how the mom pulls this off with grace. Andrew came the next day too. The baby elephant was all well and happy with its mother. That’s inspiring!

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