Willie’s Card Tricks Are Out Of This World, How Is It Possible? Watch!

Is Willie Nelson a magician? How does he do the card tricks? Despite watching him severally, my mind cannot fathom how he does it.

First, Willie begins by counting the cards. They should be a total of 52.

Next, Willie shuffles the cards. The woman in the footage watches carefully.

Who knew Willie was a great storyteller too? Willie shuffles the card as he narrates a story.

A rich man and a porter are the main characters. The rich man wants to play poker.

He requests the porter to get him some players.

Willie then places two cards; 3 with spades and 8 with hearts. The spade represents the porter, and the hearts represent the rich man.

Willie asks the woman to pick a card from the pile. Willie shuffles the cards as he continues with his narration. He places a number 2 card and says that it is the two dollars that the rich man gives the porter as a tip.

Willie continues shuffling the cards and ends up with the two cards. I still do not understand how he does that!

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