With A Severely Burnt Face, Doctors Perform A Face Transplant On This Firefighter. Unbelievable But True!

Apart from soldiers, firefighters also risk all their lives to see that other people are safe. It’s sad to see one of them die while in a rescue action.

Patrich Hardison, is a firefighter of the Mississippi state. In 2001, he went into action to save a house that had caught fire. While in the rescue process, the burnt roof fell on him making his rescue gear to melt, causing him injuries that changed his life completely. The roof caused severe burns on his whole face, making him have a bad appearance that enhanced the loss of self-confidence he once had.

He could not stand the chance to stand before the mirror and look at himself. He was taken to NYU’s Langone Medical Center where he underwent facial transplant that became memorable.
A specialized team of 100 physicians and 26 nurses conducted the transplant for 26 hours. Good news was that Hardison managed to undergo the 26 hours without any difficulty.

It took 14 years, for Hardison to once again look at the mirror and see the reconstructed face, a thing that made all the present in the transplant to be proud.

While in the recovery room, his fellow firefighters never missed to come and pay him a visit. He is very grateful to his family for the support that they offered him and also the physicians for having dome a wonderful job to help him regain his once lost self-confidence.

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