With A Simple Act, You Can Touch The World. Watch This Stranger’s Act For Two Homeless Brothers

Many people out there who have all the basic needs don’t take time to think about the homeless who live in the streets and our neighborhoods in general. We never do anything to help them even though their living conditions make us sad.

Within the Hamilton County, Ohio, there are two homeless brothers (The Hutchinsons) who have spent about a year in the streets. There are times when people throw things at them and curse them, but their major concern is the place they will be spending a night. That was the case until they met a person who they can say is their second mother.

Christy Hill is the name of their “guardian angel.” This woman lets Ken and Zach take a shower in her house, she washes their clothes and packs for them food. She isn’t bothered by the kind of stigma associated with homelessness.

She considers them as one of her children and is worried about them. She shed tears when she thinks about their condition, something that the two brothers appreciate so much.

Though she is in a position to provide the two’s basic needs, she has no job to give to them – something that the two mean desperately need.

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