Woman Decides To Give Her A Coat To A Teen Girl. Her Reaction? So Kind Of Her!

Kinley and her friend, both teens, went for a show one cold night in Virginia. As it is the habit of the adolescents, Kinley never bothered to carry a jacket with her. What she never expected is that she would finally end up at Facebook.

People began rushing outside when the concert ended. That is when Kinley got separated from her friend who had her keys, wallet and the phone too. Confused on what to do, she waited at the bus stop. Felicia, a woman who lived around the place, heard her asking for directions that would get her home.

Felicia got concerned about this teen girl, for it was a night when the temperatures were too low. She actually offered her the coat she had while giving her company till the bus that goes to her home arrived. She went on to talk with the driver so as to allow her board it without paying, on which the driver agreed. All this time, what the two had done was to exchange names only.

Carried away by the action of that woman, Kinley decided to open her Facebook and look for this angel who helped her the night before. Her intention was to give her back the coat and also to thank her for the help she offered her. She vowed to continue looking for this woman until she finds her.

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